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Looking for comfortable sleeping pajamas?

The Sandman’s Shop offers a range of comfortable, quality pajamas in a huge range of fabrics and styles with unisex Pajamas, men’s Pajamas and ladies sleepwear on offer.  The effect of a great night’s sleep on your health and sense of wellbeing cannot be overstated – with numerous studies to prove it.

During sleep, your body is working to heal and repair itself, to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. Sleep affects growth, our immune system, blood pressure and cardiovascular health, hormones and appetite. The ill effects of sleep deficiency are well documented and include chronic health problems. Knowing this, it makes absolute sense to ensure we do all we can to enjoy a calming, relaxing, peaceful sleep. A huge factor in achieving this is comfort.  This includes your room being a comfortable temperature, your mattress providing you with the level of firmness best suited to your body and of course, the most comfy pajamas to lull you into blissful sleep.

Which are the most comfy pajamas?

That depends on where you live and the time of year. Flannel pajamas are a superb choice for the long, cold, winter months keeping you snug and warm, while still being breathable so you don’t sweat. Then when the mercury plummets and temperatures are icy, fleece pajamas are a great choice, as are thermal pajamas and onesies.

Cotton pajamas are always a great choice for warm, sultry summer nights, but for the ultimate luxury – we recommend 100% pure silk pajamas.