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Christmas Matching Family Pajamas Set

Christmas Matching Family Pajamas Set

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Prepare for a cozy and festive holiday season with our Christmas Matching Family Pajamas Set! Featuring sizes for mom, dad, kids, and even baby, everyone can join in the fun and create cherished memories together.

Our matching family pajama sets has unique and fun Christmas designs that you will love. Sizes to suit everyone - even the dog! If we say the whole family we mean the whole family!

Dad Size:

  • Size: M, Bust: 112cm, Waist: 75cm, Top Length: 72cm, Pants Length: 107cm, Sleeve: 79cm
  • Size: L, Bust: 118cm, Waist: 80cm, Top Length: 74cm, Pants Length: 109cm, Sleeve: 81cm
  • Size: XL, Bust: 124cm, Waist: 85cm, Top Length: 76cm, Pants Length: 112cm, Sleeve: 83cm
  • Size: 2XL, Bust: 130cm, Waist: 90cm, Top Length: 78cm, Pants Length: 114cm, Sleeve: 85cm
  • Size: 3XL, Bust: 136cm, Waist: 95cm, Top Length: 80cm, Pants Length: 116cm, Sleeve: 87cm

Mom Size:

  • Size: S, Bust: 99cm, Waist: 65cm, Top Length: 63.5cm, Pants Length: 101cm, Sleeve: 68cm
  • Size: M, Bust: 104cm, Waist: 70cm, Top Length: 66cm, Pants Length: 103cm, Sleeve: 70cm
  • Size: L, Bust: 109cm, Waist: 75cm, Length: 68.5cm, Pants Length: 105cm, Sleeve: 72cm
  • Size: XL, Bust: 114cm, Waist: 80cm, Top Length: 71cm, Pants Length: 107cm, Sleeve: 74cm
  • Size: 2XL, Bust: 119cm, Waist: 85cm, Top Length: 73.5cm, Pants Length: 109cm, Sleeve: 76cm

Kids Size:

  • Size: 2T, Bust: 65cm, Waist: 46cm, Top Length: 39cm, Pants Length: 51cm, Sleeve: 35cm
  • Size: 3-4T, Bust: 70cm, Waist: 50cm, Top Length: 44cm, Pants Length: 59cm, Sleeve: 40cm
  • Size: 4-5T, Bust: 72.5cm, Waist: 52cm, Top Length: 46.5cm, Pants Length: 64cm, Sleeve: 42.5cm
  • Size: 6-7T, Bust: 77.5cm, Waist: 56cm, Top Length: 52cm, Pants Length: 73cm, Sleeve: 48cm
  • Size: 8-9T, Bust: 83.5cm, Waist: 60cm, Top Length: 58cm, Pants Length: 85.5cm, Sleeve: 54cm
  • Size: 10-11T, Bust: 89.5cm, Waist: 64cm, Top Length: 61cm, Pants Length: 90cm, Sleeve: 60cm

Baby Size:

  • Size: 3M, Bust: 53cm, Length: 55.5cm, Sleeve: 30cm
  • Size: 6M, Bust: 54.5cm, Length: 58.5cm, Sleeve: 31.5cm
  • Size: 9M, Bust: 56cm, Length: 63cm, Sleeve: 33cm
  • Size: 12M, Bust: 58cm, Length: 67.5cm, Sleeve: 35cm
  • Size: 18M, Bust: 60cm, Length: 73cm, Sleeve: 37cm

Dog Size:

  • Size: S, M, L, XL
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