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Equipping your bedroom with a set of good noise cancelling curtains might just be the best thing you can do to enhance the quality and duration of your sleep.
It’s estimated that as many as one out of three adults suffer from sleep disruption due to light or noise, and the consequences are more serious than you’d think.

Studies have demonstrated that people suffering from disrupted sleep (even at a mild level) are more prone to daytime drowsiness, brain fog, poor decision-making skills, and even health risks like elevated blood pressure and anxiety.
What’s even more alarming is the fact that it doesn’t require much to disrupt your sleep – you could be kept from a deep sleep state by even minor fluctuations in sound levels. When your brain is unable to enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, or is disturbed during the deepest phase of sleep, you’re unavoidably impacted by it.

Keeping light out of your bedroom is relatively simple, and can be aided by an eye mask, but sound penetrates through glass and light curtaining material very easily. For that reason, sound cancelling curtains designed specifically to muffle or disperse sound waves can make an incredible difference. Tighter weaves and multiple layers serve to act as a soundproofing barrier that cuts down on external noise by as much as 80%, and people who use sound cancelling curtains have reported a dramatic increase in the duration and quality of their sleep.

The best benefit of noise cancelling curtains, of course, is felt the next day – and when you’re well rested and clear-headed, it’s a lot easier to be happier and more productive.