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A chunky oversized sweater is one of the most versatile and useful items you can add to your wardrobe. A blend of casual comfort and timeless fashion, an oversized sweater does far more for you than just provide a quick throw-on when you have to go downstairs to collect the pizza delivery.

Going out to a game? Take an oversized sweater with you. Not only is it practical and easier to carry than a heavy jacket, it’s also ideal for stretching out over your legs and knees if the weather turns chilly. Pull down those extra-length sleeves to keep hands warm, and you can go pretty much anywhere.

For the bookworms and Netflix professionals, an oversized sweater is no less useful. Think of it as a comforter: a thickly knitted blanket that envelops you in luxuriant softness. And if you doze off, no need to have a blanket on standby. Think of your bulky sweater as a cocoon that you can also take with you if you decide to go out.

An oversized sweater is stylish enough to wear when you’re heading out with friends, but it’s also a no-fuss wardrobe item that matches just about anything, from your old jeans to that evening dress you’ve kept on standby. And because it’s loose-fitting and comfy, you’ll never have to fret about an exact fit.

And of course, if you’re traveling, a chunky oversized sweater is a must-have: easy enough to carry onto a flight with your hand luggage, and universally accepted as a commonsense dress item everywhere.