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When it comes to pj bottoms, you’ll find Sandman’s Shop comes out on top.  Why?  Well, we’re creatures of comfort.  We like the way that feeling good feels and we love the way different fabrics feel against our skin. While we’re fans of loungewear, it must be noted that old school loungewear at its absolute finest is the good old-fashioned pair of long pajama pants.

You know what we’re talking about. The warm, sturdy, dependable pair of flannel pj bottoms – extra points if its plaid patterned, with a drawstring waist and button detail on the front. It’s worth mentioning that we’re talking about the wide leg pajama pants with plenty of room to, well, lounge around in. As pajama pants go – these are the stuff of legend.

Pj pants are perfect for sleep – they’re comfortable and soft against your skin, they prevent chafing and discomfort, they’re roomy enough to conceal a multitude of Thanksgiving dinner sins and they just plain feel good.  They’re also great for lounging about at home and can be worn with confidence when you’re on a Zoom call with the boss – provided you remain seated.

While our hearts belong to wide-legged plaid pajama pants, we’re just as enthusiastic about our range of cool in summer lightweight cotton long pajama pants, fluffy pants and fuzzy pants for winter, pj pants with cuffs, long pajama pants with elasticated waists and silk pj bottoms in a breath-taking array of colours, prints, fabrics and styles.