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Hooded blankets for adults are now more popular than ever and are becoming the must-have sleep accessory that guarantees greater comfort and peaceful sleep for everyone.

Particularly in cold or cooler weather, hooded blankets are a great way to increase sleep comfort and maintain an even body temperature. For those with shorter hair, having a cover over the neck and ears is not only practical, but also calming and relaxing. With a hooded blanket, you’re far less likely to kick blankets off during the night – or have them slip off as you change your sleep position.

The soft caress of a hooded blanket also helps to mute ambient sound while sleeping and creates the sensation of being fully wrapped up and gently immersed in a state of comfort while sleeping. Of course, a hooded blanket isn’t only a sleep aid: a comfy blanket hoodie can also be used to wrap up luxuriously while relaxing on the sofa and taking in a movie, or on a cold morning when the coffee seems to take forever to brew.

A hooded blanket isn’t just a sleep accessory, though. It’s a source of comfort and a personal sanctuary – and you don’t have to share it! Sizes and textures can be personalized, so whether you prefer a thicker weave with a heavier feel, or a lighter, fleecy option, there’s a hooded blanket to suit your lifestyle. So cover up, and snuggle up!