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The most comfortable body pillows for side sleepers are body pillows that can be tucked in between your legs so as to relieve pressure from both your hips and your knees. People who have tried sleeping with body pillows have reported improved sleep quality with a reduction in neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. Anecdotal evidence suggests that other benefits of sleeping with a body pillow include improved blood circulation, proper spinal alignment as well as relieving joint pressure.

There are many different types of body pillows for side sleepers that offer varying levels of firmness and help alleviate different ailments. A rectangular shaped body pillow is basically a long pillow that you tuck between your legs. There are also ergonomic U-shaped pillows, also called maternity pillows that are also incredibly comfortable for side sleepers as well as those who sleep on their stomachs. U-shaped pregnancy pillows have also been reported to help relieve sciatica pain as well as reducing leg swelling and back pain. Sleeping with this type of body pillow means not having to rearrange numerous pillows each time you turn over and it provides great support to the head, back and abdomen, hips and feet.

Body wedge pillows are a great choice for those who suffer from sinus pressure, sleep apnoea and acid reflux. As the name suggests, wedge pillows are triangular in shape and usually denser than standard pillows. They are used to elevate the upper body and have been reported to reduce snoring, relieve pressure and improve circulation.