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If you’re looking for the perfect blend of sleep time comfort and practicality, a pair of fluffy pyjama pants is the answer. Pyjamas can sometimes feel a little too constrictive, and especially in cooler weather, a thickly woven cotton or flannel can feel heavy or ungainly. The solution? A lighter, fluffier material that’s light, flexible, and soothing to wear.

Whether you go for a truly fluffed-out option (think having your own fur to keep you warm) or a brushed or textured finish that could easily be mistaken for workout wear, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Pyjamas, after all, aren’t only for sleeping - they’re also for comfortable stay-at-home weekends, casual chats with close friends, and evenings spent bingeing on the latest series to capture your imagination.

The advantage of a soft, fleecy pair of pyjama pants is that it’s flexible enough to accommodate an impromptu online yoga class, and stylish enough that you could probably pop into a late-night deli to pick up a snack without raising any eyebrows. A pair of good fluffy pants is also an all-weather friend, suitable for light summertime wear while being surprisingly warm and snug on a cold winter’s night.

It's no coincidence that fleece is used to line gloves, pad out lightweight Arctic outfits, and soothe babies. It all comes down to one thing: comfort. And when it comes to comfort, your wardrobe is incomplete until you’ve added a pair (or several, if you like) of well-made fluffy pyjama pants to your ensemble.