Collection: Ears & Nose

Noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping are an absolute must for anyone who is sensitive to noise.  Whether this is the ambient sound that comes with living in a city – think traffic, late night revellers, car horns or the sound of the subway - or the infinitely louder and more distressing noise of a spouse snoring.

Anyone who has spent a fretful night tossing and turning, unable to sleep due to noise can attest to just how disruptive losing a night’s sleep can be. You experience a lack of alertness, or mental fog which negatively impacts your ability to think and process information.  There’s the likelihood of feeling moodier and more likely to have conflicts with others and a host of other negative effects.

Fortunately, noise cancelling earplugs are an affordable and effective way of blocking out noise so you’re able to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing and refreshing night’s sleep.  There’s a variety of earplug designs to choose from with varying noise reduction rates (NRR) including expanding foam earplugs and soft, hypoallergenic silicon earplugs – depending on your preference. 

Along with cancelling environmental noise, earplugs are great to use on a plane, or in an unfamiliar environment, but also when you sleep next to someone who frequently snores through their nose. Nothing destroys sleep faster than the sound made when snoring through the nose.

Relax – we have just the thing. You’ll find our range of earbuds, nose vents and white noise machines promote a tranquil environment for calming sleep.