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Nothing makes us feel more snug, secure and comfortable than being wrapped up in a luxurious thick blanket on a cold winter’s night… or the refreshing lightness of a beautifully woven throw against skin on a tropical evening. Blankets and throws are universal bedtime comforts, and everyone has their favorite.

Our carefully selected range of blankets offers you the opportunity to indulge – and whether you prefer lots of layers, or a simple, no-fuss throw that you can wrap yourself up in while relaxing at home, we’ve got you covered. For some people, the heavier the better, and if that’s what you like, then a weighted blanket provides a calming, reassuring hug that enables you to relax deeply and contentedly while you enjoy a tranquil and peaceful sleep. There’s also the option of a chunky weave that insulates you beautifully against the elements while creating the feeling that you’re wrapped up in a fluffy cloud.

And, for those who like to huddle in properly, there are hooded blankets that can accompany you – if you want – on the occasional midnight snack trip. A hooded blanket also does a great job of muffling street noises, neighbors, and the sounds of appliances, so you won’t get unnecessarily woken up quite as often. Fleece is another popular cozy blanket choice, perfect for warmth and softness while being light and portable – and it’s ideal for children, too.

A comfy blanket is something that to be enjoyed – and with our range of superbly crafted blankets and throws, there’s a design, and a style, to suit everyone.