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With virtually half the human population online at any given time, the importance of computer eye strain glasses can’t be overstated. Whether it’s casual browsing or working a full-time job online, people are rapidly becoming more aware of the eye strain – and longer-term eye damage – that too much screen time can incur.

The culprit here is blue light, or more specifically, wavelengths of light on the blue spectrum that affect the ability of the rods and cones in your eyes to function properly. In addition to gradual eyesight impairment (which in itself is critically serious), blue light also affects our biorhythms. We’re programmed to respond to natural daylight as a means of stimulating wakefulness and bringing us out of sleep, while the reverse is true at night – as blue light dwindles, and red light is the predominant source of illumination, we tend to get sleepier.

However, problems occur when you’ve been exposed to too much blue light, especially after dusk, because your optic nerve is overstimulated, and your brain interprets this as a signal for wakefulness. The result? Insomnia, on top of worsening eyesight.

Blue light blocking lenses are the answer. By allowing only the warmer spectrum of colors through, they prevent your eyes from receiving too much blue-spectrum light and serve as a preventive measure against eye damage.

If you think about it, a lot of our screen time is habitual or even unconscious – a quick email check-in, or an idle surf through social media – and those minutes turn into hours of damaging screen time.
If you want to preserve your eyesight (and sleep more soundly!) then a pair of computer eye strain glasses need to be on your shopping list.