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 An airline neck pillow is the perfect solution for smart travelers on the lookout for accessories which will add to their comfort and allow for sleep, but which doesn’t add weight to their precious baggage allowance.

While traveling to distant locales and faraway places can seem glamorous, exotic and exciting – let’s face it, long distance travel can be downright uncomfortable, whether it's on a long haul flight in economy class, or on an overnight train or bus across bumpy terrain.   One thing’s for certain, sleeping in an upright position in cramped quarters just isn’t natural and it causes neck aches and muscle strain. A soft, supportive airline neck pillow can make all the difference! 

The best travel neck pillow for you

Our travel neck pillows are easy to clean and come in a variety of designs and durable, lightweight materials including microbeads, memory foam - and there are inflatable versions too. The support offered by these pillows means your neck remains straight so your airways remain clear and the chance of you embarrassing yourself (or partner) by snoring amongst strangers is greatly reduced. With our variety of travel pillows on offer, you’ll soon find the best travel neck pillow to suit you. These pillows aren't only for world travelers, they are also very practical for those who have a long daily commute - you could use the time to get some shut eye and what could be more comfortable than a travel pillow?