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For people who experience pain or discomfort during sleep, and are looking for a more supportive sleeping position, the option of using comfort enhancers like u-shaped pillows is a great place to start.

Despite having other good sleep essentials in place – a shaped foam mattress and good standard neck support, for example – there are some physical discomforts that can be greatly alleviated by using a shaped pillow. Specially shaped pillows are a highly effective way to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, and they can be utilized for better head or neck support as well as whole body or limb support.

Shaped pillows can be used to achieve greater comfort when dealing with a chronic or recurring pain – for example, back pain, where the optimal sleeping position might require padding under the lower back, or to act as a brace to ensure that a good sleeping position is maintained.

Shaped pillows are also a popular choice during pregnancy, particularly during the latter stages of pregnancy when support might be required for the lower back, legs, or abdomen. A triangular pillow wedge can be an easy solution, because of its versatility and the many options it provides. From placing the pillow wedge between the knees to alleviate hip discomfort, to sliding a section of the pillow under the lower back to prevent slumping, sleep during pregnancy can be far more relaxing and comfortable.

From basic u-shaped pillows to different options designed to suit diverse body types and conditions, can aid with greater comfort and peaceful rest, and these can also be folded or adjusted to become as comfortable as possible. Sweet dreams!