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A white noise sound machine is one of our all-time favorite sleep aids and is a practical solution to everything ranging from the sounds that come with living in a big city, to ancient plumbing, cranky radiators, loud, obnoxious neighbors, a spouse that snores – and dogs that start with their incessant licking every morning at 3am.

These machines play ambient sounds that help to create a soothing sleep environment, but are also useful aids to concentration while working, studying, reading and meditating. 

Ideal for people who struggle to fall asleep with an annoying noise in the house and for those who struggle to sleep when it’s just too quiet for their liking, a white noise maker is also popular with frequent travellers.  It can help create a soothing environment that is more conducive to sleep than the unfamiliar sounds of a nondescript hotel room.

There are a huge variety of white noise machines on the market, ranging from the very basic, to those that have a variety of volume settings and a choice of soundscapes.  There are lightweight, portable white noise machines with USB adaptors and simple versions that offer fan based white noise sounds.

Some of the most popular choices for falling asleep include the sound of gentle rain falling, a heavier downpour complete with thunder and lightning, the crackling sound of a campfire and waves crashing on the shore. Sounds amazing, right?

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