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If you’ve ever woken up stiff and sore from sleeping on a mattress that’s softened or sagged, then a full size mattress pad might be just what you’re looking for.

One of the most common complaints that physiotherapists and chiropractors deal with is the accumulated stiffness and pain caused by poor sleep support. Most mattresses begin to sag or lose their supportive springiness over time, and the changes are subtle: we don’t realize it’s happening until we start waking up with stiff backs and sore hips. Turning a mattress is a temporary solution at best, but there are other ways to enhance the integrity of your mattress.

A mattress pad is the answer – you don’t have to go out and purchase a whole new bed in order to sleep more comfortably. By placing a mattress pad on top of your existing mattress, you can provide firm, flexible support for those aching muscles and joints, while ensuring deeper and more restful sleep, too.

A mattress pad is easy to clean and is also a great option for anyone caring for an ill person. A firm mattress pad is for everyone, though, and even if you’re pain-free, adding one to your existing mattress will help keep you that way.

A mattress pad is also a versatile camping add-on, and if that bed in your guest bedroom is getting a little too soft or springy, a full size mattress pad is an easy way to make sure your visitors enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep as well.