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When it comes to the best curtains for bedrooms, there are a number of factors to consider, not least of which is your personal preference.  As we spend more time in our homes, it makes sense to invest in creating a comfortable and relaxing sleep sanctuary and an environment that is most conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep.

When deciding on bedroom curtains, colour and texture are important considerations in terms of the aesthetic you want to create, but one of the most important features to think about is how much light is blocked by your bedroom curtains. The reason for this is to do with hormones.  Namely Melatonin.  This is a hormone produced in the Pineal gland in the brain, in response to darkness. It tells your body when it’s time to sleep, regulates its circadian rhythm and promotes better sleep.

Blackout curtains – also referred to as blockout curtains, are without a doubt one of the very best items you can get for your bedroom. This is especially true for shift workers who work the graveyard shift and need to sleep during the day, or for young children who struggle to fall asleep at night. Blackout curtains are ideal for creating near total darkness – ideal for restful sleep. 

When buying your curtains online, it’s important to measure your windows accurately to ensure that the window is covered in its entirety.  To block out maximum light, the drapes should touch the floor. You’ll find the best curtains for your bedroom, right here with our extensive range of quality bedroom curtains