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U Design Body Pillow High-quality Maternity Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow

U Design Body Pillow High-quality Maternity Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow

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"U" Design Body Pillow: The U-shaped knitted body pregnancy pillow is specially designed to naturally form a golden 45-degree angle with the abdomen, providing relief from pain and discomfort during sleep. It offers a comfortable sleeping height and soft abdominal support without compressing the stomach, and can also be placed between the knees to alleviate soreness and regulate temperature.

Fits Everyone: With dimensions measuring 51 x 27.5 inches and a fill weight of 3.9 lbs, this maternity full-body pillow is suitable for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV, and more. It's not just for pregnant women but also for adults or children seeking improved sleep quality after a long day, helping them relax and fall asleep faster for a healthier night's rest.

High-quality Filling Material:
Made of high-grade soft high-elasticity PP cotton, the maternity pillow filling is odorless, highly resilient, and noise-free, offering comfortable side sleeping. The extra soft and adjustable padding maintains loft for enhanced performance and prolonged use. The shell features soft cotton fabric with a double zipper for easy removal and machine washing.

Maternity Sleeping Pillow:
This super soft full-body pillow provides comprehensive overnight support for head, neck, shoulders, belly, hips, knees, feet, and back during pregnancy, relieving body pain, swollen legs, and stress while improving sleep quality. It helps pregnant women adopt correct sleeping positions, correct fetal position, and adapt to growing abdomens throughout each trimester.

Versatile Use:
Perfect for use on the bed, sofa, or floor, and easy to pack in a vacuum zip bag for travel. Show your loved ones you care about their relaxation and well-being with this sophisticated full-body pregnancy pillow, making it an ideal gift.


  • Color Options: Black, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Grey, Navy Blue
  • Filling: High Elastic PP Cotton
  • Shell Fabric: Pure Cotton
  • Pillow Shape: U Shape
  • Pillow Height: Approximately 6.5''
  • Dimensions: 51.1'' x 27.5''
  • Weight: 3.96 lb

Package Included:
1 U-shaped pillow

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