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Red Pallas

Long U-Shape Memory Foam Tailbone Seat Cushion

Long U-Shape Memory Foam Tailbone Seat Cushion

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Experience renewed productivity with our cushion as it alleviates pressure on your tailbone, providing luxurious comfort whether you're at work, at home, or driving.

Why Our Cushion Stands Out:

  1. Long U-shape Design: Our proprietary design offers flexible sitting and ample support, with arms 5.9 inches longer than typical cushions, ensuring comprehensive comfort and targeted pressure relief.
  2. Enhanced Lateral Support: With a width of 18.6 inches, our cushion provides superior lateral support for hips and thighs.
  3. Premium Memory Foam: Featuring a thickness of 3.1 inches, our cushion's high-quality memory foam keeps the tailbone off the chair, supporting users weighing up to 200lb.
  4. Two Firmness Variants: Choose between firm and soft variants to suit individual preferences and needs based on usage duration and weight.
  5. Additional Features: Enjoy washable outer cover, plush velour comfort, anti-slip bottom, and a convenient handle for easy portability.

Discover the ultimate comfort and support with our cushion, designed to enhance your sitting experience wherever you go.

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