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Providence Blue Light Glasses For Kids

Providence Blue Light Glasses For Kids

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Introducing Providence Blue Light Blocking Glasses, specifically designed with children in mind, ensuring they can practice safe scrolling in the digital age. With lens dimensions of 48mm, a bridge width of 15mm, and temple length of 127mm, these glasses offer a comfortable fit for young wearers.

Crafted with lightweight materials and featuring advanced blue light filtering technology, Providence glasses effectively protect children's eyes by blocking harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. Whether they're studying, gaming, or engaging in other screen-based activities, Providence Blue Light Blocking Glasses provide essential eye protection without compromising style or comfort.

Each pair of Providence glasses comes with a complimentary Fifth & Ninth transparent travel case, making it convenient for children to carry and protect their glasses wherever they go.

Prioritize your child's eye health with Providence Blue Light Blocking Glasses and ensure they can enjoy screen time safely.

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