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Awa Blanket - Earth

Awa Blanket - Earth

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Introducing the Awa blanket, inspired by the ancient tribe of people residing in the lush rainforests of northwestern Ecuador and Colombia. Ideal for both outdoor adventures and cozy indoor moments, our Awa blanket brings comfort, vibe, and ambiance to life's cherished moments, regardless of the weather. Crafted with care by indigenous artisans from Ecuador's highlands, these blankets are ethically made, beautifully designed, and reflect a touch of Ecuadorian culture.

Made from 100% recycled acrylic, our blankets are hypoallergenic, warm, soft, and feature reversible colors. Perfect for gifting, staying warm, or adding a playful accent to your decor, the Awa blanket comes in a queen size of 92" (234 cm) in length and 82" (208 cm) in width.

While we strive for accuracy in displaying our products, please note that minor color variations may occur due to digital photography, lighting, and screen monitors. For more information, refer to our color disclaimer in Section 13 of our terms of service.

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