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Magenta Chloe

Taupe Rainbow Rows Throw Blanket

Taupe Rainbow Rows Throw Blanket

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LMB x PCB have collaborated to create an exclusive collection inspired by the essence of Liz Marie Blog and proudly crafted by PCB Home. These unique designs encapsulate the elements that hold significance in Liz’s life, promising to infuse beauty and meaning into your home. Each product reflects a little piece of LMB, inviting you to bring its charm into your own space.

- Material: 100% Organic Cotton
- Color: Unbleached (Natural), lightweight (approximately 15 oz)
- Size: 70in x 38.5in with a maximum design size of 14in x 16in
- Design: Centered on one half of the blanket (refer to the photo for folding inspiration)
- Ink: Eco-friendly, water-based inks used for printing
- Texture: Designs printed directly into the fabric, ensuring durability without peeling or cracking
- Hand-crafted: PCB Home items may exhibit slight variations due to manual crafting
- Care: Machine washable (Cold water, Delicate cycle), spot-cleaning recommended for longevity

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