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Double-Sided Jacquard Blackout Curtains

Double-Sided Jacquard Blackout Curtains

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Upgrade your home decor with these luxurious double-sided jacquard blackout curtains, designed for optimal style, comfort, and functionality.


Effective Blackout: Designed to block out 80%-90% of sunlight and UV rays, these curtains ensure privacy and create a darkened environment perfect for restful sleep and reducing glare.

Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality, thickened fabric with a double-sided jacquard pattern, these curtains offer a sophisticated look and feel while providing enhanced durability.

Elegant Design: The intricate jacquard pattern on both sides adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any room, seamlessly blending with various interior styles.

Versatile Use: Ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, offices, and more, these curtains provide both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Easy Installation: Featuring a simple installation process, these curtains are designed for ceiling mounting and can be easily opened and closed.

Color Options: Available in a range of solid colors to complement your existing decor and add a stylish touch to your space.


Material: Thickened Fabric with Double-Sided Jacquard

Height: 310cm

Blackout Efficiency: 80%-90%

Pattern Type: Double-Sided Jacquard

Function: Blackout

Style: Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, and offices

Installation Type: Ceiling Installation

Opening and Closing Method: Easy to operate

Enhance your living space with these high-quality 310cm Height Thickened Solid Color Double-Sided Jacquard Blackout Curtains. Perfect for creating a serene and stylish environment while enjoying the practical benefits of light control and privacy.

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