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Light and sound are two of the most common reasons for interrupted sleep, but soft padded masks can make all the difference when it comes to blocking out unwanted light.

For many people, especially those who are particularly light-sensitive, creating a completely darkened sleeping environment can be very difficult. In an increasingly intrusive world, restful sleep can be negatively affected by ambient light from streetlights, interior lamps, curtains that do not block out light effectively, and even lesser annoyances like pilot lights on household appliances. One of the best solutions is not only low-cost and convenient, but portable and versatile too: a padded sleeping mask.

A comfortable, snug fitting sleeping mask not only blocks out light, but provides you with a greater level of visual comfort while sleeping. Certain types of light can still filter through your closed eyelids, causing unconscious reaction to light stimulus, but a sleep mask prevents this and allows you to sleep more deeply and peacefully.

Padded sleeping masks are also an essential travel accessory, perfect for long flights, short naps, and unfamiliar or poorly darkened hotel rooms. And, for those who need to sleep during daylight hours – like shift workers or travellers in unfamiliar time zones – a padded eye mask is often the only way to effectively ensure that your eyes are completely shielded from unwanted natural light.

In communal environments, like student dorms or even a hospital ward, it’s also necessary to be able to adapt to surroundings where others may choose to stay up later or might need some form of light to stay on during the night.

So, if you’d like to make sure you’re not exposed to sleep-disrupting light, click here to view our selection of soft padded masks designed for peaceful, relaxing sleep.