Serenity Floral Bamboo Sleep Sack

Serenity Floral Bamboo Sleep Sack

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Your Baby's Very Own Snuggie

It’s time to say goodbye to the sound of your baby fussing at night with a sleep sack designed by parents, for parents.

  • Simple and Effective - The Newcastle Sleep Sack is lightweight, and sleeveless, and provides a downward zipper for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes. It's perfect for keeping your baby both safe and snug to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. 
  • Secure and Comfortable - The Newcastle Sleep Sack is 100% organic cotton and Bamboo, and provides an extra level of security for you and your baby, all while keeping them snug at night to ensure a peaceful sleep. 
  • Sleeveless - This sleeveless wearable blanket makes the perfect gift for mom and dad because it is comfortable for all seasons, safe for baby, and for the bed or couch! 
  • Zipper - This feature allows for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes, so you don't have to put baby's clothes back on if they wake up wet or just need a little fresh air! 
  • Made of Bamboo - Made of 100% bamboo this sleep sack will keep your baby warm and snug all night long while regulating their body temperature, unlike other sleep sacks made of synthetic materials
  • Downward zipper - easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes! 
  • Size Guide - sized according to your child's age and height, so you know it will fit them perfectly (and they'll be able to use it longer!). 
  • Bamboo - the coolest fabric around, perfect for the coolest kids on the block
  • For all babies - Our sleep sacks are designed to fit any size baby from newborn to 18 months with the included stretchy bottom - so you can stop worrying about what size your baby will be next year and just get a sleep sack they'll love now. 
  • Simple nighttime routine - With our sleep sack's zipper, all you need to do to change a diaper is unzip the bottom and close the zipper, baby stays completely covered and safe while you change their diaper in the middle of the night. 
  • Versatility - Our sleep sacks also double as swaddles, so you never have to worry about which one you need to grab when you're on the go or heading back home in the dark.

Size Guide:

S  0-6 months, 23-28 inches, 10-18 lbs

M  6-12 months, 26-31 inches, 15-24 lbs

L  12-18 months, 30-34 inches, 22-28 lbs