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Some things never go out of style, and a set of comfy fleece pyjamas are one of them. Most of us cherish happy childhood memories of pulling on our soft, warm PJs just before bedtime and looking forward to tucking in.

The good news is that fleece pyjamas are something everyone should have regardless of how old you are. They’re light, easy-fitting, and are comfortable in almost any weather. On those summer nights when you’d rather throw the blankets right off, fleece pyjamas are breathable and cool, while in colder weather, the fluffy microfibers act as a form of insulation, keeping you warm without stifling you.

Sleep aside, if you just feel like relaxing (or working) without having to adult too hard, fleece pyjamas are a hassle-free home outfit for lazy days. And, if you’re younger and want to host a pyjama party, fleece PJs are the answer – playful, comfortable and cozy.

Fleece pyjamas are a sensible travel option, too. A set of light, fluffy pyjamas take up little space and make for quick washing and drying.

Because fleece is so soft and tactile, it’s also a brilliant choice for anyone who dislikes being wrapped up in tight, restrictive clothing or is sensitive to pressure while sleeping. You can wear a larger size without being weighed down - and enjoy better freedom of movement, too.

Whether you opt for a shorter or longer cut (or both), you’ll be surprised at just how comfortable and breathable a good set of fleece pyjamas can be.