Who Would Accept My Old Pillows As a Donation? We Have Answers.

Who Would Accept My Old Pillows As a Donation? We Have Answers.


If you're wondering where can I donate old pillows, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we will answer your question and provide a list of places that accept pillow donations. Whether you're looking to get rid of old, worn-out pillows, or just want to give back to the community, there are plenty of places to donate. Keep reading to find out who accepts pillow donations and how to donate them.

Why Donate Old Pillows?

Do you have a stack of old pillows taking up space in your closet? Instead of throwing them away, consider donating them to someone in need. There are several reasons why donating old pillows is a great idea.

Firstly, donating your old pillows is an environmentally-friendly choice. Textiles like pillows take a long time to break down in landfills, contributing to pollution and waste. By donating them, you are extending their lifespan and reducing your carbon footprint.

Secondly, donating pillows can have a positive impact on someone's quality of life. Many people in need do not have access to a comfortable place to rest their head at night. By donating your old pillows, you are providing someone with a cozy and clean place to sleep, which can greatly improve their overall well-being.

Lastly, donating old pillows allows you to declutter your space and give back to your community at the same time. It's a win-win situation! By clearing out your old pillows, you can create more room in your home and make a difference in someone else's life.

So, instead of letting your old pillows gather dust, consider donating them to those in need. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also be making a meaningful impact on someone's life. Stay tuned for our next section to find out where you can donate your old pillows locally.

Where Can You Donate Old Pillows Locally?

If you're ready to donate your old pillows, there are numerous local options available to you. Here are a few places where you can donate your old pillows locally:

  1. Homeless Shelters: Local homeless shelters are often in need of bedding supplies, including pillows. Contact your nearest shelter to inquire about their donation policies and drop-off locations. Your old pillows can provide comfort and support to those experiencing homelessness.
  2. Animal Shelters: Believe it or not, animal shelters can also benefit from your old pillows. They often use them to provide bedding and comfort for the animals in their care. Contact your local animal shelter to see if they accept pillow donations and how to donate.
  3. Women's and Family Shelters: Similar to homeless shelters, women's and family shelters often have a need for bedding items, including pillows. These shelters provide a safe haven for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence or facing other crises. Your pillow donations can contribute to creating a more comfortable and supportive environment for those seeking refuge.
  4. Nursing Homes and Senior Centers: Elderly individuals residing in nursing homes or attending senior centers can benefit from the donation of pillows. Many seniors appreciate having an extra pillow or a more comfortable one to rest their heads on. Contact local nursing homes or senior centers to inquire about their donation policies.

Remember to reach out to these organizations beforehand to confirm their specific donation guidelines. Additionally, ensure that your old pillows are clean, free from stains, and in good condition before donating them. By donating locally, you can directly impact your community and make a positive difference in someone's life.

National Organizations That Accept Pillow Donations

If you're looking to donate your old pillows to a national organization, there are several reputable options available to you. These organizations not only accept pillow donations but also ensure that they reach individuals and communities in need across the country.

One such organization is Goodwill Industries, a well-known nonprofit that operates thrift stores nationwide. Goodwill accepts a wide range of donations, including pillows, and uses the proceeds from selling these items to support their programs and services. By donating your old pillows to Goodwill, you can contribute to their mission of providing job training and employment opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment.

Another national organization that accepts pillow donations is The Salvation Army. They have locations throughout the United States and provide a variety of services to individuals and families in need. By donating your old pillows to The Salvation Army, you can help support their efforts in combating poverty, providing emergency assistance, and supporting community development initiatives.

The American Red Cross is also a national organization that accepts pillow donations. While their primary focus is on disaster response and blood donations, they often accept bedding and other essential items to support their relief efforts. By donating your old pillows to the American Red Cross, you can contribute to their mission of providing relief to those affected by emergencies and disasters.

These are just a few examples of national organizations that accept pillow donations. Before donating, it's always a good idea to check with the specific organization to ensure they are currently accepting pillow donations and to learn about their donation process. By donating to a national organization, you can make a broader impact and help individuals and communities in need throughout the country.

How to Prepare Your Old Pillows for Donation

Now that you know where to donate your old pillows, it's important to make sure they are in good condition and ready for donation. Follow these simple steps to prepare your old pillows for donation:

  1. Check for cleanliness: Before donating your pillows, make sure they are clean and free from stains. If they have removable covers, remove them and wash them according to the care instructions. If the pillows themselves are washable, launder them using a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Be sure to thoroughly dry them to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  2. Inspect for damage: Examine your old pillows for any signs of damage, such as tears, rips, or excessive wear. It's important to donate pillows that are still functional and can provide comfort and support. If your pillows are severely damaged, it may be best to dispose of them instead.
  3. Sanitize if necessary: If your pillows have a lingering odor or are stained, consider sanitizing them before donation. You can do this by sprinkling baking soda over the pillows, allowing it to sit for a few hours, and then vacuuming it off. This can help remove odors and freshen up the pillows.
  4. Package them properly: Once your pillows are clean and in good condition, place them in a plastic bag or a clean, sturdy container. This will help keep them protected during transportation and ensure they stay clean and intact.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your old pillows are ready for donation and can be enjoyed by someone in need. Remember, donating your old pillows is a wonderful way to give back to your community and make a positive impact on someone's life.

Alternatives to Donating Old Pillows

If you've considered donating your old pillows but found that none of the options mentioned earlier are a good fit for you, don't worry! There are still alternatives to donating your old pillows that can help you declutter while also benefiting someone else.

One alternative is to repurpose your old pillows. Get creative and think about how you can use them in your own home. For example, you can use them as extra cushioning for outdoor furniture or as padding for pet beds. If you enjoy sewing, you can even repurpose the fabric from your old pillows into new items like throw pillows or stuffed animals.

Another option is to upcycle your old pillows by donating them to local crafting groups or schools. These organizations often use materials like pillow stuffing for art projects or sewing classes. By donating your old pillows to these groups, you're not only keeping them out of the landfill but also supporting creativity and education in your community.

If repurposing or upcycling doesn't interest you, you can consider selling your old pillows online. Platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or local buy/sell/trade groups allow you to reach potential buyers who may be in search of affordable bedding. Just make sure to accurately describe the condition of the pillows and take clear photos to attract buyers.

Remember, when considering alternatives to donating your old pillows, it's important to prioritize sustainability and think about ways to give them a new life rather than simply throwing them away. Whether you choose to repurpose, upcycle, or sell, you're making a positive impact by reducing waste and giving someone else the opportunity to benefit from your unwanted pillows.

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