How to Sleep During Periods Without Staining Your Sheets

How to Sleep During Periods Without Staining Your Sheets

Does your partner refuse to share your bed during your period? Do you dread getting in bed at night because you’re worried that you’ll get blood on the sheets? It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s easy to sleep during periods without staining your sheets! Read on to learn how!

Plan ahead

Make sure you are wearing two panties and an overnight pad (sometimes period stains can happen during the day). Let your partner know that periods may make you particularly cranky. Plan for sleep. Some women sleep better when they are lying on their stomach so try out this position before bedtime or nap time. Listen to some soothing music or audiobooks for a nice nighttime experience. Stay dry!

Wear a Menstrual Cup

If you’re someone who gets the occasional or constant fear of stains from your period, we suggest wearing two panties. Most importantly, make sure one is a nude color and the other is red for nighttime. When you sleep during periods, place an overnight pad under you and lay on your side so that if any leaks occur they won’t go on your sheets.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking a lot of alcohol during the course period can lead to poor sleep quality and difficulties falling asleep. When it comes time for bed, the body is already primed for sleep, but alcohol blocks REM sleep (the most restful part of the night). With your body deprived of its natural state, not only will you have trouble sleeping, but your periods may also be more uncomfortable due to dryness or overproduction of blood flow. To avoid these risks, limit your intake of alcohol during this time period. The last thing that you want is stained sheets!

Stay away from Red Dye and Caffeine

One of the best ways to avoid period stains on your sheets is simply staying away from foods and drinks that contain red dye. Most people don't know this, but if you can give up red meat for a few days during your period, it'll really help with these stains! Try abstaining from caffeine for the duration of your menstrual cycle as well. This will significantly reduce the chances of those horrendous brown stains that are notoriously hard to get out.

Choose Natural Fibers

The key to sleeping during periods is choosing the right materials for your bedding. When you buy cotton sheets, buy a fitted sheet with elastic around the edges. The fitted sheet will hold your menstrual pad in place, so no fluids are soaked up by your mattress. If you have extra pads and tampons at night, store them on the top of your closet and put them into the garbage in the morning. This way they're not cluttering up your room while you sleep, they're out of reach from pets or little kids who might grab them and start playing with them, and they're stored in a dry location where moisture can't soak in and make stains worse.

Keep Your Bodysuit on at Night

Don't risk stains on your sheets by taking off your underwear at night. Wear a bodysuit that is designed for sleeping and keeps you clean and comfortable all night long. I know what you're thinking: I have a tampon in! That's okay, most sleep tops still have holes for tampons or pads.

Do you have any other tips? Please comment below.

What's one of the worst feelings in the world? Getting your period, of course. And what's an even worse feeling? Getting your period and then staining your sheets. It can seem impossible to sleep on these super-absorbent days, but there are ways to avoid getting those pesky stains. 

First off, make sure you're using a water-resistant pad if you need extra protection. Second, try sleeping on a blanket instead of your sheets so it will be easier for them to air out during the day. If that doesn't work for you, we recommend doing some light exercises before bed or reading something lighthearted so that you feel drowsy and fall asleep quickly.

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