How to fold a blanket into itself

How to fold a blanket into itself

How to Fold a Blanket Into Itself the Right Way

Before you jump into how to fold a blanket into itself, it’s important to think about whether you want to fold your blanket this way at all. There are advantages and disadvantages to folding blankets into themselves compared to just folding them over once or twice, and the best solution will depend on your specific needs.

Is it worth it

The obvious benefit of folding your blanket into itself is that it saves space. Think about how much stuff you have to store during college or in an apartment—anything that helps make things more compact is worth looking into. For example, putting away a shirt by rolling it up and putting it in a drawer saves space over folding it neatly and laying it flat. But there are also benefits of folding your blanket into itself from an actual warmth standpoint as well: with less layers between you and bedding, you’ll stay warmer. Whether or not your dorm room will see temperatures low enough for blankets to be necessary, most students are probably going to like having one handy regardless—and if you can save some space while getting out of bed faster in the morning, all the better!

The best way to do it

Grab your blanket and lay it on a flat surface. Folding your blanket into itself is a tricky process, and it may take you more than one try before you get it right. I’ll walk you through it step by step. You’ll need two hands (and patience). Grab an end of your blanket with each hand and fold toward yourself, like you’re wrapping a present. Pull that end tightly around as much of the blanket as possible. Now grab that other end of your blanket, still folded towards yourself, with one hand while pulling up on that first side with your other hand. Again, pull tightly around as much of your blanket as possible before setting that end down on top of what you already have in place. Repeat!

Why you should do it

Folding your blanket into itself can help preserve its shape, protect it from future wear and tear, and prevent wrinkles. Don’t have time to fold your blanket in half? Do as much of it as you can manage, then hang it over your bed’s footboard or tuck it under your pillow so that gravity will do some of the work for you. Your blanket will still get plenty of attention—and if you’re lucky, maybe even a few hugs! 


Begin by grabbing one corner of your blanket and folding it toward you, creasing along its edge. Lay your blanket flat again, still folded in half. Grab a different corner and fold it toward you until it meets up with your first fold. Continue folding corners in turn all around the blanket, each time layering them neatly over each other. By doing so, you’ll be creating evenly spaced folds all around your blanket like those seen on quilts or throws. Your goal is to end up with a completely folded bundle of blankets with nothing but air between them! Congratulations—you've just successfully folded an inside-out blanket into itself!

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