7 Pillow Colors That Go Perfectly With a Grey Couch

7 Pillow Colors That Go Perfectly With a Grey Couch

If you have a grey couch, you know the challenge of picking out pillows to go with it. While color is only one of the factors that go into choosing which pillows look good with your furniture, it’s an important factor to consider if you want to create an aesthetically pleasing environment in your home. Here are 7 different pillow colors that will look perfect with your grey couch!

1) A Pop of Color

Different color pillows can add a pop of color to your couch and give it some much-needed life.

A light yellow pillow can make an area feel bright and cheerful. A mint green pillow will add a cool, inviting vibe. A hot pink pillow can make the room feel soft and feminine. 

A deep red pillow will make the room feel luxurious and sophisticated. This is ideal if you want to create an intimate setting in your living space. Dark blue pillows are perfect for adding depth to any couch or chair and black pillows can create an elegant look that's perfect for formal settings

2) Monochromatic

A monochromatic color scheme is, by definition, made up of colors that are all the same. A grey couch and pillows in varying shades of grey would be considered a monochromatic color scheme. So which colors go well with it? The most common colors used in this type of color scheme are black, blue, green, purple, red and yellow. But browns and grays also work great!

3) Textural

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones are usually square, rectangular or standard pillow cases. To determine what size pillow you need, measure the width of your couch from arm to arm. Now measure the height of your couch from front to back. The width multiplied by the height should equal the ideal size of your pillow, so if you have a 36 x 36 couch then you would want to find pillows that are 18x18.

4) Metallics

Metallics are all the rage this year and they can be used on anything from furniture to clothing. If you want to incorporate metallics into your living room, these pillows are perfect for your grey couch.

  1. Gold- A color that goes well with both golds and greys alike, this color is bold without being too flashy. Use it for an accent pillow or even as the centerpiece on your couch! 2. Silver- This color is subtle in comparison to gold but still packs a punch! The silver pillows will look great with any shade of grey, and they'll add some sophistication to your living room. 3.

5) Global-Inspired

A grey couch is sleek and sophisticated and will work in almost any setting. But what about the pillows? Is there a color that goes better with grey than the others? The answer is, yes! There are many colors that go well with grey, including browns, blues, reds, greens and more. Read on for our favorite color combinations:

  1. Dark navy blue pillows - This rich color will make the room feel even more cozy than before. You can also add pops of lighter blues or purples to keep things fresh.
  2. Black and white striped pillows - These two colors are classic staples in any home decorating scheme and they look great together.

6) Bold and Bright

  1. Yellow - Yellow is the perfect color to bring out the warmth in your grey couch. A yellow pillow will be an excellent accent to make your living room feel cozy and homey. 
  2. Red - For an eye-catching, punchy accent, red pillows are perfect! A red pillow on a grey couch is guaranteed to catch anyone's attention, making it the perfect addition for a dramatic living room. 
  3. Blue - Blue complements grey beautifully and makes it look cool and calming at the same time which is perfect for a living room that needs to be as relaxing as possible with its limited amount of space

7) Subtle and Serene

The best pillow colors to go with a grey couch are those that are neutral, subtle, and serene. These colors work well because they are less likely to be overwhelming or clash with the couch's color. For example, pillows in shades of ivory, cream, and light brown would go nicely with the grey couch. Avoid using too many different colors in this space as it can make the room seem cluttered and unorganized.

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