Peonies Bamboo Sleep Sack
Peonies Bamboo Sleep Sack
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Peonies Bamboo Sleep Sack

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Get Your Baby To Drift Off To Sleep

Let your little one sleep safe and snug with a durable, lightweight sleep sack.

  • Greater Safety - The Newcastle Sleep Sack is a lightweight sleeveless wearable blanket featuring a downward zipper for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Keep your baby both safe and snug to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. 
  • Better Sleep - Hugs and hugs, not safety hazards: an infant wears nothing but their birthday suit underneath the Newcastle Sleep Sack. 
  • The Ultimate Gift - Sleep sacks are a gift that keeps on giving, with all of the benefits of a snugly, cozy baby.
  • Tuck in for the Win - The Newcastle Sleep Sack is perfect for keeping your baby both safe and snug all night long, so they’ll sleep soundly and comfortably throughout the night 
  • Newborn or Toddler - No matter what phase of life your baby is in, the Newcastle Sleep Sack is a great solution 
  • Stay in Touch - The Newcastle Sleep Sack isn’t just a sleep sack, it also doubles as a lightweight, wearable blanket, so you can stay close to your baby, even when they’re not in their crib
  • Lightweight and Airy - at 2 ounces, our sleep sack is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and keep the baby warm without the need for multiple layers of clothing or excess fabric. 
  • Downward Zipper - our patented downward zipper means quick and easy diaper changes in the middle of the night and avoids the need to unzip baby’s arms each time they need to be changed. 
  • Leg Slits - we know it can get chilly at night, so we've designed a full-length leg slit to provide maximum ventilation and airflow for the little ones on the go!
  • Safe - Our sleep sacks are made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your baby. 
  • Breathable - Sleep sacks are also designed with breathable materials, which allow your baby to be comfortable no matter what their sleep position may be! 
  • Versatile - With different sizes and designs, our sleep sacks can accommodate any stage of your baby’s life!

Size Guide:

S  0-6 months, 23-28 inches, 10-18 lbs

M  6-12 months, 26-31 inches, 15-24 lbs

L  12-18 months, 30-34 inches, 22-28 lbs