Marina Sailboats Bamboo Sleep Sack
Marina Sailboats Bamboo Sleep Sack
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Marina Sailboats Bamboo Sleep Sack

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The Solution For Restless Baby Syndrome

You don't have to worry about bedtime or your baby's comfort when you have a Newcastle Sleep Sack!

  • Peace of Mind - Worry less while your baby sleeps with a comfortable and safe sleep sack. 
  • Simple Solution - With a sleep sack, you can keep your baby warm and snuggled, without the risk of loose bedding and blankets that can be kicked off or even over the edge of the bed. 
  • Protective Design - Great for babies and toddlers alike, the Newcastle Sleep Sack features a design that provides extra protection for your baby’s face, head, and chest from accidental suffocation.
  • Protect Your Baby - The Newcastle Sleep Sack features a safety zipper on the bottom so you can keep your baby snug, safe, and warm while they sleep. It's also easy to zip down in the middle of the night for diaper changes, so you never have to leave the warmth of their bed. 
  • A Safe and Cozy Night - The lightweight sleeveless style provides warmth without the bulk, allowing your baby to sleep soundly without the risk of overheating and uncomfortable weight on their face. 
  • Rest Assured - Rest easy knowing that your child will sleep well in a beautifully crafted bamboo sleep sack that is lightweight and breathable, naturally wicks moisture away, and is hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to use zipper - the down-facing zipper makes diaper changes easier when it matters most. 
  • Durable material - made from durable, easy-to-care-for, and eco-friendly bamboo material to provide your child with a safe and comfortable sleeping environment year-round. 
  • Versatile style - includes elastic wrist and ankle ties to keep your baby securely in their sleep sack and to help prevent any mishaps during sleep time.
  • Downward zipper for easy diaper changes - For nights when you want to keep your baby cozy and swaddled, just unzip for an easy change. 
  • Lightweight, breathable - Weighing in at just 12 ounces, this sleep sack is breathable and perfect for warmer climates and seasons of the year. 
  • One size fits all - All sleep sacks have a universal fit with room to grow, so you’re never constrained by size or weight restrictions.

Size Guide:

S  0-6 months, 23-28 inches, 10-18 lbs

M  6-12 months, 26-31 inches, 15-24 lbs

L  12-18 months, 30-34 inches, 22-28 lbs