Caminante Blanket - Rusty

Caminante Blanket - Rusty

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The World's Most Loved Blankets

The perfect blanket. Adventurers will love the blanket's versatility. Campers will love the blanket's warmth. Couples will love the blanket's comfort. The Camaminante blanket is the perfect blanket for everyone.

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A Blanket - It’s a blanket. You put it on the bed, you put it on the couch, you put it on the dog. It’s a blanket.

Rusty - This blanket is made from recycled materials that were likely left in the rain and have a rusted hue. The rust is usually considered a sign of beauty, which is why we named it Rusty.

You - You are a person that wants to buy this blanket because you are also a person that likes to buy things that are made of recycled materials and rust.

Natural Gift - An unexpected gift to be proud of. What's the point of sending someone a gift, if it doesn't make them feel good?

Keep Warm - So, if you’re not wearing this because it looks great, but because it keeps you warm, keep those extra dollars in your wallet and do nothing.

Colors - The blanket is bright and cheerful! No one can resist its warm, yellow tone. No wonder it’s called the rustic blanket.