Caminante Blanket - Greyscale

Caminante Blanket - Greyscale

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The Walkers Blanket

Tell me the stories of the road. Sometimes all we need is a blanket. Caminante Blanket will make sure you're comfortable wherever you may be. Even the wildest of places have warmth.

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Versatile - Use this blanket indoors or outdoors! It can go on a picnic or make a great cover up at night! And it will match any room!

Soft - This blanket is handcrafted from 100% recycled acrylic and is super soft! Not only is it comfortable on the skin but it's hypoallergenic as well!

Ethical - Fair trade practices keep costs low while supporting sustainable economic growth. Our blankets are handmade with integrity so you can feel good about where they come from and what they're made from.

Simple Design - Keep it simple with this minimalist pattern blanket that is versatile enough for whatever life brings you.

Blanket Choice - Don't wait until it's too late! Choose from one of three sizes or opt for a customized size to ensure an individualized experience from our blankets!

Ecologically Friendly - Ethically made from recycled acrylic yarn.

Softness - Extra warm and soft acrylic material.